Finally achieve my ideal weight without dieting and eat what I like - withe the new NUPP app.

"I tried practically every diet going and after six months I was actually slightly heavier than before. With the NUPP app there is nothing I can't eat but I also lose weight.“ (Kathrin H.)
"During the first few weeks I had my doubts, but then I really started to notice that it was working! I can eat the things I enjoy, and I feel completely satisfied." (Detlef W.)
"Without all of the fad diets I no longer have intense cravings for sweets and I also save a load of money. Eating is now fun again!“ (Marianne S.)
"It is actually quite logical that the most important thing isn't what I eat, but rather how much." (Thomas K.)
"Before I wouldn't dare to eat in front of other people, as I was sure they must be thinking: that fat girl shouldn't fill her face so much. With the NUPP app I have learned that it really doesn't matter at all what other people think of me." (Julia I.)
"I used to always binge on sweet stuff when I was annoyed with my boss. The NUPP app showed me that was making me fat, but not any happier.“ (Sivana M.)
"It isn't important what you eat, but rather how and why.

(Prof. Dr. Kerstin Oltmanns)

No diets or calorie counters
No fitness programmes or pedometers

(Prof. Dr. Kerstin Oltmanns)

No preparation
No self-deprivation

(Prof. Dr. Kerstin Oltmanns)

I accompany you in your personal NUPP programme.

(Prof. Dr. Kerstin Oltmanns)

Lose weight but still eat well. With the new NUPP app.

Why diets etc. do not work.

Diets cut down on calories, but…
Fitness programmes increase calorie consumption, but…
Medicinal supplements help you to loose weight, but…
Surgery mean that you cannot eat as much, but…
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The NUPP app on TV and Press.
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The programme.

You practice – under the direction of the NUPP app – healthy eating habits, train your sense of hunger and satiety and learn how to stop linking your emotion to food.
This is how the Nupp
Identify behaviour that makes you put on weight and make a long-term change.
Discover your NUPP-Programme now.
Communicated NUPP RULES, which you simply learn, follow on a long-term basis and that build on one another.
Push messages with DAILY NUPPS that inform, entertain or are just a bit of fun.


Question/Answer tool, NUPP EMOTION, which provides you with personal tips, really quickly by means of a simple click in the new NUPP app.
Access to our NUPP PLAY
game, just for fun.
In just a few steps you simply start your personal Nupp programme.

You're better with the NUPP app.

The NUPP app intentionally avoids diets and fitness programmes. We show you how you can eat what you like, yet still loose weight.

Our philosophy:
There are no unhealthy or fattening foods, just unhealthy quantities.
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In just a few steps you simply start your personal NUPP programme.

Lose weight - and help
fight hunger in the world!

Worldwide, there are currently 3x as many people overweight as those who are starving. Together that is about 3 billion sufferers!

NUPP wants to fight both problems. Therefore, we commit to donate 10% of our net profit annually to an international aid organization of your choice and publish it here.

NUPP has selected 5 relief organizations that all carry the DZI seal of approval:
Start your programme with the new NUPP app and eat whatever you want.
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