Press surrounding
the NUPP app.

The team behind the NUPP app wins the Schleswig-Holstein WT.SH 2016 Ideas Competition within the IT category. The Lübecker Nachrichten (Lübeck News) and other newspapers reported the story.
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Our NUPP app was back in the press.
Successfully lose weight without a diet.

- Uni Lübeck: Disturbed brain energy production in overweight- N-TV: Obesity is caused by disturbance in the brain.- Fitbook: Gestörte Energieaufnahme verhindert Sättigung- Heilpraxisnet: Why overweight people just can not get full- Hamburger Abendblatt: Gestörte Energiegewinnung im Gehirn- Psychologie Aktuell: According to current estimates, obesity affects approximately    2.2 billion adults worldwide- Fit for Fun: New study on obesity- Pharmazeutische Zeitung: The brain is starving despite sugar supply- Lübecker Nachrichten: The three-meal rule by mobile phone

Say goodbye to diets, load up the NUPP app and off you go...

In November 2016 Prof Kerstin Oltmanns, with her team consisting of Axel Schulz and Malte Fentross won the ideas competition for the promotion of the economy in the State of Schleswig Holstein, for their NUPP mobile phone app. This was reported on in local newspapers.

Following a local call-out seeking participants for the test phase, more than 500 users registered their desire to participate within just a few hours.

So we tested the removal program as well as the app in all its functions and possibilities thoroughly and made even better. However, there is clearly already great demand for this innovative app.

Prof. Dr. Kerstin Oltmanns in the NDR about lose weight without diet (only in german).

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More about the NUPP app in the
Ärzteblatt Schleswig-Holstein.

And now also internationally in Research Features.

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