The NUPP programme.

Eat what you like,

and forget about diets.

No dietary rules with food that you do not like.
No fitness programme that you aren't interested in following.
No taking of supplements that don't really seem to help.

Why diets etc. do not work.

prescribe what you should eat, regardless of whether you like the food or not. They also slow down your energy consumption. After the diet you have a ravenous hunger for your usual foods, you go back to eating as normal and soon way more than before you started.

aren't much fun for the majority of overweight people and give you the false impression that you can eat more because you have done some sport. However, there isn't a single scientific study that has shown that participating in sport results in you losing weight without simultaneous dieting, since you actually consume a great deal fewer calories when playing sport than you might think.

do not cause you to loose any weight if you do not at the same time adhere to certain dietary regulations. You might as well just diet – without the side-effects of medical supplements.

holds many risks and granted many people do experience weight loss following surgery, but many often then experience depression, which must then in turn be treated.

You're better with the NUPP app.

There are no specific foods that make you fat, but rather just excessive quantities. However, you only eat too much if you keep eating even though you are full.

With the NUPP app you will learn how to sense that feeling of fullness again, you identify behavioural pitfalls that make you gain weight and avoid these using specific exercises.

The NUPP app reveals where you eating pitfalls are and how you can get around them.

What is NUPP and why?

In spite of intensive international research, common weight loss recommendations – diets, fitness programmes, medical supplements and surgery – have not changed over the last 20 years.

Scientific studies have since proven that these weight loss programmes are ineffective in the long term and that the vast majority of participants put the weight back on again.

The only sustainable, long-term solution is an adjustment of one's dietary habits that is not designed with a view to rapid, short-term success, but is instead tailors eating behaviour towards the natural regulation of the appetite, without any prohibitions.

So if you want to make a change in order to loose weight you have to bear in mind that the change must last for your entire life. Do you really want to never eat chocolate or jog for one hour a day for the rest of your life? Change takes time and patience. You didn't put on ten kilos in two weeks either!

The NUPP app is an interactive learning programme in both German and English, that aims to change your eating behaviour with a view to losing weight. The NUPP app is based on proven behavioural and therapeutic concepts, but foregoes diet plans.

"The development of a programme by which one could redefine one's perception of hunger/satiety, rather than regulating one's emotions by consuming food, with consecutive individual weight normalisation and as a result an increase in quality of life would be a significant step towards counteracting the global obesity epidemic, effectively and in the long-term." This is according to Prof. Kerstin M. Oltmanns, University Professor and expert in this field, and co-founder of the NUPP app.

A few statistics.

According to the estimates of the World Health Organization, WHO, there are approx. 2.2 billion overweight people worldwide, of whom 650 million are extremely overweight - classified as obese. At present the number of men is higher than that of women.

How it works - the 3 pillars.

1. Every week you receive a rule (NUPP RULE) that you put into practice, form into a long-term habit and that builds on the previous rule. If you are interested, there is scientific justification provided for each rule, in some cases with links to the respective publications.

2. We send you daily push messages - DAILY NUPPS – that provide you with various pieces of information regarding  nutrition or simply entertain you.  

3. Our question/answer tool, NUPP EMOTION, will regularly assist you, will help discover fattening patterns of behaviour and will provide you with support in changing these patterns.

…our game,

NUPP PLAY, whereby you kill funny Fattycons and collect points to become the
NUPP WINNER and even become part of the NUPP SILVER or NUPP GOLD CLUB.
Let`s play!
Achieve your ideal weight without dieting.
In the long-term.
With the new NUPP app.
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